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Legal Terms
Legal Terms

•  Scope of Application

This legal notice contains the conditions that regulate usage and access to the Web site (herein referred to as the “Site” or “Web”) and the responsibilities stemming from its usage.

It shall be understood that merely accessing or using the Web site implies the user's adhesion to all conditions that OTTO RATING, S.A. has published at this time on its Web.

OTTO RATING, S.A. may stablishes particular conditions to regulate the access and use of some of the contents offered to users through the web, usually of restricted access. This new clauses will be available for the interested users that access to the affected contents obliging himself to read them. In these new particular conditions will be specified if the new clauses substitute, complete or modify the present general conditions. The access and/or utilisation of the affected contents express the entire and unconditional acceptation of the particular and general conditions in the version published by OTTO RATING, S.A. at the moment in which that access and/or utilisation is taking place.

When those restricted areas are incorporated, identification and authentication mechanisms will be introduced in order to protect privacy of these contents. These mechanisms will be described in the particular conditions previously mentioned.

•  Owner

The owner of this Web site is OTTO RATING, S.A., with corporate domicile at C/ Castellnou, 31-33 08017 Barcelona, holding CIF A08776726 registered in Volume 5133, Book 4444, Section 2ª Sheet 148 Page 62263 Registration 1ª of the Barcelona Commercial Registry.

OTTO RATING, S.A. is a company specialising in the electronic components distribution sector.

•  Geographical scope

The geographical scope of this page is the Spanish territory. The web site has been made to maintain a restricted actuation within Spain.

•  Objective

The objective of this site through it's contents is to publicise the activity that OTTO RATING, S.A. develops in the field of electronic components. Despite the previous, it will be offered the possibility of asking for additional information through the communication means indicated on the site, always following the privacy and data protection policy indicated ahead.

•  Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The entirety of this Web site: technical product descriptions and characteristics, text, images, brands, logotypes, buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, are protected by Spanish and international laws concerning Intellectual and Industrial Property.

In no case does accessing this site imply any type of total or partial renunciation, transfer or assignment of the rights granted through Spanish and international legislation about Intellectual and Industrial property.

Reproduction (except for the temporary downloading from the Web site to the hard disk of the user's computer or proxy servers), copying, usage, distribution, reuse operation, making of second copies, sending by mail, transmission, modification, transfer or any other act carried out with all or part of the information contained on this Web that has not been expressly authorised by the owner is prohibited

Users must use the content diligently, correctly and lawfully, and in particular, are required to abstain from the deletion, evasion or manipulation of the copyright or other identifying data as regards the rights of OTTO RATING, S.A. or of its owners that are incorporated as part of the contents, as well as the technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms that could be included in the contents. Likewise, users shall abstain from using contents, and in particular, information of any type obtained through the site in order to send advertising, communications with commercial objectives, unsolicited messages addressed to a multiplicity of people independently of its objective, as well as abstain from commercialising or disclosing this information in any way. is a domain registered by OTTO RATING, S.A.. The domain name of OTTO RATING, S.A. cannot be used, except after receiving express prior written authorisation, in connection with other services that are not OTTO RATING, S.A. in any way that could cause confusion between our clients or discredit for OTTO RATING, S.A.

•  Access

It shall be free for users to access the Site, though a registration process coud be establish to access to restricted information areas or to receive particularly information. Users that whish to register should complete the corresponding form living update, complete and exact information asked, specially the obligatory fields. Next, a user and password will be given. In case of any change in the data required to process the registration, the user undertakes to notify it as soon as possible to OTTO RATING, S.A.

In respect of the registration process, in case of giving the possibility to access through user and password, OTTO RATING, S.A. reserves itself the possibility to reject, previous or subsequently to the registration, any user or nicknames pretended to impersonate other persona, those similar to other famous names or, in any case, influence on the fame, honour or reputation of any person. User undertakes to make a diligent use and to keep in secret the password to access to these services. Will be under the user's responsibility the expenses and damages caused by the utilisation of the services by any third party that uses the password belonging to the user, which did not watch over properly the password. User undertakes to notify to OTTO RATING, S.A. any non authorised use of any password or services, or any other infringement of the security measures, when had knowledge of it.

•  Confidentiality and Data Protection Policies

The identifying and personal data provided within the framework of the present Web site are confidential and shall be part of the files that are owned by the company OTTO RATING, S.A.. The objective of this file is to provide information about our products requested through the Web Site. At the same time, users expressly authorise OTTO RATING, S.A.. to send them commercial information by electronic means with respect to new features or products within the scope of the services it provides. If users do not wish to receive the aforementioned information, they can simply send an e-mail stating so to at any time.

Data entered on the forms by users must be true, exact, complete and current data. In the case that the person who enters the data is not the same party as the person who shall be declared as the user, it shall be understood that this party has the express consent of the user to do so and that the declared user grants us authorisation to carry out the previously described handling of the data. Users shall be the only parties responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that could occur to any person due to filling out the form with false, inexact, incomplete or out-of-date information.

The person in charge of the file (OTTO RATING, S.A.) is obliged to comply with confidentiality with respect to the content of the files. Likewise, the owner of the personal data shall have the right to oppose, access, rectification and cancellation with respect to any and all data stored in the OTTO RATING, S.A database. These rights may be exercised through any communication medium addressed to C/ Castellnou, 31-33 08017 Barcelona attaching a photocopy of the DNI of the owner of the data, or by sending an e-mail to

This web site does not use temporal identification files or cookies to obtain adicional information about the user.

OTTO RATING, S.A. reserves the right to modify its confidentiality and data protection policies as a consequence of legislative or jurisprudential changes, or changes in corporate policies. If changes occur, the new text shall be published on this page, where all users shall have access to these current policies of confidentiality and data protection. In each and every case, the relationship with users shall be governed by the regulations set forth at the precise time that they access the Web.

•  Responsibility and Obligations

Responsibility as regards content

The content of this Web Site is general, as its objective and purpose are exclusively informative about the company's products. OTTO RATING, S.A. is exempt from any and all responsibility with respect to any decision adopted by users of this Web Site as a consequence of the information that the site contains.

OTTO RATING, S.A. refutes any and all responsibility about any information that was not drawn up by OTTO RATING, S.A. or not published with its authorisation under its name. Similarly, it has no responsibility stemming from the poor usage of the contents, and reserves the right to update them, delete them, limit them or prevent access to them, either temporarily or definitively.

Responsibility with respect to links to other Web pages

Links that OTTO RATING, S.A. may establish to other Web pages are merely informational and thus, OTTO RATING, S.A. does not control or verify any information, content, products or services provided through these Web sites. Consequently, OTTO RATING, S.A. declines any and all responsibility for any aspect –especially the content- of these pages.

Responsibility if this Web page is the target of a link on another page

As regards links established by other Web pages to this site, or if any user, entity or Web page wishes to establish some type of link whose target is the Web Site of OTTO RATING, S.A., the following stipulations must be complied with:

•  Authorisation must be requested prior to creating the link and the granting of authorisation must be express.

•  Links can only be made to the home page.

•  The link must be absolute and complete. In other words, it must take the user to the address of OTTO RATING, S.A and must completely include the entire screen of the home page. In no case, except with the express and written prior authorisation of OTTO RATING. S.A , can the page containing the link reproduce the Web Site of OTTO RATING S.A in any way, include it as part of its Web or within one of its frames or create a browser on any of the Web pages.

•  No type of erroneous or incorrect information can be given about the page of OTTO RATING, S.A.

•  Except that OTTO RATING. S.A. has given its written and expressed consent the authorisation granted bay OTTO RATING, S.A. should not be included.

•  If you wish any of the distinguishing signs of OTTO RATING. S.A., to be included, such as brands, logos or name, express written prior authorisation must be received

•  The owner of the page offering the link must act in good faith and not attempt to negatively affect the reputation or good name of OTTO RATING, S.A.

•  It is prohibited, except with the express authorisation of OTTO RATING, S.A., to add text elements from the brand or logo, the domain name or company name of OTTO RATING, S.A. as key words (metatags or metanames) for the search of Web sites carried out through search engines.

OTTO RATING, S.A. does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the Web page that the link offers. The establishment of the link does not imply the existence of any type of relation, collaboration, or dependence by OTTO RATING, S.A. with the owner of the other Web page.

Responsibility for technical aspects

OTTO RATING, S.A. does not guarantee the continuity of the operation of the Web Site or that the Site shall be operative and available at all times. Likewise, it shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, including damages to computer systems or the introduction of viruses existing on the network, stemming from the Internet navigation required for using this Web site.

User Obligations

Users shall accept responsibility for any and all damages that OTTO RATING, S.A. could suffer as a consequence of non-compliance with any of the obligations set forth in this legal notice.

With respect to navigation, users must diligently and faithfully observe the recommendations that OTTO RATING, S.A. establishes at any time related to usage of the Site. For these purposes, OTTO RATING, S.A. shall address users using any communication medium through the Web site.

•  Duration and Modification

OTTO RATING, S.A. shall have the right to modify the terms and conditions that are stipulated herein unilaterally, either totally or partially. Any change shall appear in the same manner as this legal notice.

The temporary validity of this legal notice therefore coincides with the time that it is exhibited through that time at which it is modified either totally or partially by OTTO RATING, S.A.. Likewise, it shall be able to terminate, suspend or interrupt the operation of this Web site unilaterally, with users having no right to seek any indemnity whatsoever. After this termination, users shall have to destroy any information they have about the company OTTO RATING, S.A. that they have in any format and have obtained through the site or through individual communications that have been sent to the users by the company.

•  Legislation and Jurisdiction

These usage conditions are governed by Spanish legislation.

Users and the company OTTO RATING, S.A expressly renounce their own jurisdiction, and agree to submit any and all interpretations and conflicts that could arise from this legal notice to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

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