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Then new PCB terminal block 830-A-111-SMD with the pitch of 3,5 mm offers strong performance in the smallest space. The position of the entries in parallel to the printed circuit board enables the advantegous application within housings with external connection. Due to the very small space requirement of only 97 mm2 (2 pole design) and the white colour it is ideally suited to various applications in the lighting industry.

The front of the terminal is equipped with pushers to be handled with standard scrwddriwers for the removal of the parallelly connected conductors.

The easy to use spring system allows beside the use of flexible wires the connection of solid wires with a cross section up to 1 mm2 with a Rated Current of 13,5 A.

The advanced design of this high temperature resistant terminal allows the free circulation of hot air in the convection oven during the reflow soldering process.

The standard packaging in Tape-on-Reel makes this terminal very suitable for its automatic pick & place in the production line.

3D-STEP files are available upon request.
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